Monday, September 21, 2009

FOCI Fitness

(Photo and graphics by Asiam Designs Photography)

It is always a pleasure seeing friends doing what they love to do......

I met Daphne the summer of 1991 in my first year of college
at Hampton University.... and we have been friends ever since.

She is a talented young woman who can sew up the most amazing clothes, cheerlead to victory, absolutely fly around a track, dance like fire, Beautify a face, take great pictures, is an excellent mother and wife, and last but not least always has her home girl's back (me).

Gotta love and be proud of a friend like that.

So many talents! What's next?

Well folks




If you live in the New Jersey/New York area,
you need to call Daph and get your fitness hustle on.

Workout with the best!

My longtime Best Friend.... Daphne Gardner Fitness Extraordinaire.